Empowering Hope,
Igniting Change

True Love Regional,
Community Development Corporation

Creating pathways to success, empowerment, and tangible
transformations within the communities we serve.

Our Programming Initiatives

Community Empowerment Initiatives

Fostering inclusive environments and empowering African American communities is at the forefront of our initiatives.

Advocacy and Systemic Change

Our efforts are rooted in creating more equitable opportunities for individuals to achieve their fullest potential.

Leadership and Development

We are helping to build a pipeline of passionate, skilled individuals committed to driving positive change within their communities.


We help our community with programs that make a difference

A brief list of our programs.

  • Food Assistance & Resource Referral
  • Housing Referrals
  • Employment Referrals & Resources
  • Education Support, Resources, & Referrals
  • Health & Wellness Resources
  • Maternal and Infant Resources

True Love Community Development Corporation is a dedicated non-profit organization committed to empowering individuals and families to overcome life’s challenges. With a community-centered approach; TLCDC offers an array of comprehensive programs designed to provide immediate relief and long-term solutions. From nourishing meals to housing referrals that help secure safe and stable living conditions, our mission is to uplift and support our community members in every aspect of life.

Volunteer Registration

Be a Part

From informative literacy workshops, education, and health awareness programs we aim to equip individuals and families with the tools they need to thrive. These initiatives are not just about providing resources but about creating spaces where voices are heard, and actionable solutions are developed in partnership with the communities we serve.

Volunteer Registration Form


Volunteer Registration Form

Your skills and passion can make a real difference in the lives of others, transforming ideas into impactful actions. Don’t miss this opportunity to contribute, connect, and grow—complete your volunteer registration now and be a part of positive change in our communities!

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